Colloquium of European Parishes

Lviv (Ukraine) will accommodate the 30th Colloquium of European Parishes
of the 27th July until the 1st August of 2019





Vibrant Parish
a place to encounter the living Christ

Under the leadership of the local bishop and in close communion with him, the parish plays a fundamental role in the Church. For it is in the parish that the faithful most frequently encounter Christ through Christian instruction, community prayer and service to one’s neighbor. In promoting and enlivening our parish life, we also enliven the entire Church.

Elements of a Vibrant Parish:

  1. The Word of God and Catechesis (Kerygma): teaching the truths of the faith and their role in everyday life.
  2. Liturgy and Prayer: participation in liturgical, sacramental and prayer life for the sanctifi cation of the People of God.
  3. Service to our Neighbor (Diakonia): giving attention to those in need, both within the parish and “in the world”.
  4. Leadership – Stewardship: the ministry of the Bishop and the clergy with the cooperation of the laity in the stewardship of gift s (time, talent, treasure) for the common good.
  5. Communion – Unity (Koinonia): fostering spiritual unity in the Church of Christ and promoting the unity of all Christians (ecumenism).
  6. Missionary Spirit: witnessing to a life in Christ, while inviting others to participate.
(Strategy 2020 for the development of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church).


Council of Europe

Photo à l'ambassade du Saint siège à Strasbourg pour fêter la décoration de le Daniel GUERY ( président des OING chrétiennes au Conseil de l'Europe) qui a reçu à Rome, par le Cardinal PAROLIN la décoration de commandeur de St Grégoire le Grand pour le travail réalisé avec nous à Strasbourg.






Elisabeth Conreaux

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  • CER March 6-8 in Strasbourg.
  • CE October 9-11 in Romania.


  • CER March - Switzerland.
  • CEP July - Timisoara (Romania).



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