Lviv - Львів 2019

“Who helps us be Christian in today’s Europe?”


  • Saturday, 27th July:
    • Registration.
    • Liturgy (Holy Mass) at the Parish of the Seminary, presided by the Archbishop Ihor.
    • Welcome message from the Ukrainian group and the CEP President.
    • Meeting of animators / group secretaries / organizing committee.
    • Informal meeting (for each national group – possibility). Every night there is a sharing of drink and food of different nations (e.g. Malta+Italy).
  • Sunday, 28th July:
    • Liturgy (Holy Mass) (the Nativity of Virgin Mary Church).
    • Start of Cultural program. Tour to Univ monastery. Presentation of the Church and the country, Ukrainian society.
    • Music (seminary students orchestra), wine by the lake, sharing of the nations.
  • Monday, 29th July:
    • Prayer. Information.
    • Introduction to CEP and the topic. Antonio Cassar, CEP President.
    • Conference. 1st topic - Pope Francis, who is he and what is his vision. Prof. Paul Zulehner.
    • 1st group work. Presentation and discussion. (the question for the workshop).
    • Liturgy (Holy Mass).
    • Presentation of two pastoral experiences.
    • 2nd Group work.

    • Presentation of the working group results by the secretaries.
    • Cultural program. Workshop “Icon on glass”.
  • Tuesday, 30th July:
    • Short morning prayer and Fil rouge by the President.
    • Conference. 2nd topic - The Parable of the Prodigal Son. Dialogue. Prof. Halyna Teslyuk.
    • 3rd Group work (Final).
    • Presentation of the results in the conference hall.
    • Liturgy (Holy Mass).
    • Visit to the parishes.
  • Wednesday, 31th July:
    • Short morning prayer and Fil rouge by the President.
    • Conference. 3rd topic. Who helps us be Christian in today’s Europe? Dialogue. Rev. Mychajlo Dymyd.
    • Contribution of young people.
    • Next colloquium presentation (2021).
    • Liturgy (Holy Mass) (Thanksgiving).
    • City guided tour.
    • Party of Nations.
  • Thursday, 1st August:
    • Optional cultural program – visit to the ancient city of Zhovkva and Krehkiv monastery.
  • Starting on Friday, 2nd August:
    Additional Cultural Programme « After-CEP »
To complete your information about the Colloquium, here is a document presenting various one-day excursion possibilities proposed for those who wish to extend their stay in Ukraine.
You will find 6 different proposals with an estimated price to be paid according to the number of people registered.
You can already make a choice at this preparatory stage with the pre-registration form and confirm, add or change something with the final registration form.
This « After-CEP Program » will be managed by a specific team.
For further information please ask MARTHA RYBAK by mail:


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